Frequently Asked Questions about your Ticket Purchase

Here are some common answers to ticketing questions - if your question is not answered, please e-mail us at

NOTE:  These answers apply to touring shows at the Centennial Concert Hall only.  For information related to the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra, Royal Winnipeg Ballet, or Manitoba Opera, please visit those organizations websites directly as they may have slightly different policies and procedures.

Q: Is there a box office on site?
A: Yes - we have a box office that is open both during the week (see hours) and is also open starting 1 hour before each show starts until approximately 30 minutes after the show begins.

Q: What can the box office help me with?
A: The box office can reprint lost tickets, sell you tickets, fix or adjust orders, deal with seating concerns on show night, process requests for accessible seating, and general customer service.   If you have any concerns related to your order on show night, please visit the box office.   Once a show has occurred very little can be done so we encourage people to bring up or point out any concerns immediately to the box office.

Q: Do I need to print out my Ticket?
A: No - you can display your ticket on your phone if desired.  We ask that you ensure you have a clear screen, that you have zoomed in on the barcode, and that you have your brightness set HIGH.   Screen shots of tickets or of receipts will not be accepted - it must be the actual PDF.  A printed copy of your ticket however is often the fastest way in but is not necessary.

Q: Can I reprint or resend my tickets if I've misplaced the e-mail?
A:  Yes!  Go to and log in to your Account with the e-mail address used during purchase.  Then, on the left hand menu select "Reprint or Forward My Tickets".  This will show you a list of your orders.  Click the "Email my Tickets" option beside the order you wish to send.  It will then allow you to choose all or some of the seats in your order and you can send them to the e-mail address of your choice - either your own or to a friend.   NOTE:  If you reprint or send your tickets again, the original barcodes will no longer work - so please ensure you always use the most recent version when attending.

Q: What do I do if I need to change my e-mail address?
A: E-Mail addresses in accounts can not be changed online; please contact us at to change your account.  However, if you simply wish to use a new e-mail going forward, you can create a new account with that e-mail address and just ask us to merge your two accounts together.   You can also forward your tickets to an email of your choice.

Q: What do I do if I need to reset my password?
A: You can request a new password via the link on the website.  IMPORTANT NOTE:  Your user name is case sensitive - and for a new password to work it must match exactly. (ie: is not the same as  If you enter a password wrong an excessive amount of times, your account will be locked and you must reach out to us (by phone or email) to resolve.     

Q: Do I need to show proof of vaccination to attend events at the Centennial Concert Hall?
A: Effective March 1, 2022, new Manitoba Public Health Orders have eliminated proof of vaccination and we have adjusted our procedures accordingly.  However, individual event organizers have the ability to implement additional procedures and policies, which might include requiring proof of vaccination or a mask requirement.  Please see the specific event page for details of any additional entrance requirements.   Should new Health Orders be implemented that are applicable at the time of the event, they would be enforced at the time.  There are no events with any restrictions at this time.

Q: Is it possible that some events in the Hall may still require attendees to wear a mask or show proof of vaccination, even if not required by a current health order?
A: Yes, it is a possibility.  Each event that happens at our venue is organized/promoted by different groups and each event can have it's own policies and procedures, which would apply.  If an event organizer wishes to require additional safety measures - vaccines checks, masks, security searches, etc - then the rules for that event are adjusted accordingly.  Event attendees are encouraged to check the event page on our website (click on the show title to access) to see if any additional entry requirements apply.  

Q: Can I get a refund?
A: Our general policy is that there are no refunds - if you wish to email us for further information, you can do so but please include your order number in any e-mails.  Note - refunds will absolutely not be  granted after the show has occurred for any reason .  If you have a concern about your seat during an event, you must advise a member of our staff immediately as no refunds will be granted after a show has happened.

Q: Can I get a refund because of bad weather or road closures, or because my flight cancelled etc?
A: If the event still happens as scheduled, there are no refunds or exchanges because of bad weather or road conditions.  It is up to each individual purchaser to evaluate their own ability to make it to the venue on the day of the show.  We can not provide a refund if your route is impeded by weather or other factors if the artist is able to make it to the venue to perform.

Q: Can I get a refund if I am sick?
A: Our general policy is that there are no refunds or exchanges - the purchaser assumes all responsibility for any factors that might stop them from attending an event.

Q: Can I call in for an order or question?
A: Yes - our box office phone number is 204-949-3999.   Hours vary by time of year.

Q: What methods of payment do you take?
A: Online and by phone, we accept VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS, and our Digital Gift Cards.   At the box office, we also accept VISA DEBIT, DEBIT, and CASH.

Q: Can I upgrade or change my tickets / change to a VIP package etc?
A: That depends on the show.  We suggest e-mailing us with the details and we can advise on the show policy.

Q: What are the requirements to attend shows at the venue?
A: Please see the health protocols section of our website for the latest general info, and the specific show page for any additional requirements that may apply.

Q: Can I choose my own seats?
A: Yes - if you are looking at an event purchase page (where you are choosing the number of tickets to buy), there is a button at the top to Pick Your Own Seats.

Q: If I am the one buying the tickets, can I give them to a friend?
A: Generally, yes - your name is not printed on the ticket.  However, be aware that some VIP packages have specific restrictions, so if you have a VIP pack - check with us first.

Q: How do I get presale codes?
A: Presale codes are usually given out to members of fanclubs, through media insider/clubs, or on social media.  Our E-Update members get access to many presales, so consider signing up today!  Note: When you create your account, you have the opportunity to opt-in to receiving e-mails from us.  You must be opted in for us to send you presale offers. 

Q; I have limited mobility, where should I sit?
A; Rows 16 to 20 have very few stairs, with Row 16 and 19 having zero and the others only a couple.   You can also sit in Row 32 or 33, where we do have an elevator to get to the seats.  If you need more info, please contact us.  If you need access to seats that can be removed for a wheelchair, please call the box office to purchase and arrange.  Check out the accessibility section from our drop down menu for more details.

Q: I bought regular tickets, but now have a need to use the accessible seating.  What do I do?
A: Contact us ASAP and we can switch your tickets or come up with an accommodation.

Q: What is Platinum Seating?
A: Platinum seats are specially selected tickets where the artist sets the price based on demand - like an airline ticket or hotel room.   They are designed to reduce scalping / resale.  The event promoter sets the price, generally based on what the market value of the specific seat is.

Q: Can I resell my tickets?
A: It is illegal to resell your tickets for more then the amount you paid for them in Manitoba, but as long as you don't violate that (and your specific show doesn't have announced rules stopping it), you are allowed to transfer or sell your tickets to someone else.  If you are buying off someone else, please note that we can not take responsibility if the tickets sold to you are no longer valid for entry because of actions taken by the seller, so it is very much a buyer beware situation - you should only purchase tickets from our box office or from

Q: My ticket never arrived by e-mail - what do I do?
A: The first suggestion is to double check your spam/junk folder in case your e-mail program moved them on you.  The next suggestion is to log into your account and resend the tickets to yourself (and double check your e-mail).  If that still doesn't work, either contact us or visit the box office when you arrive for your show.

Q: What are American Express Front of the Line Tickets?
A: For some shows, American Express is a sponsor of the tour.  Because of that, they offer presales (in certain seats only) to people using an American Express Card.  No password is usually needed - but the only method of payment you can use is an American Express.   If you have a presale code for a presale at the same time as an American Express offer, be sure to enter your code to unlock access to the additional seats, and when selecting your seat, ensure that you are choosing regular tickets and not American Express tickets if you plan on using an alternate form of payment.

Q; I don't seem to have my ticket, just the receipt, what do I do?
A: If your ticket was delivered by e-mail, it was an attachment on that receipt.  If it is in your junk or spam folder, your e-mail program may be blocking access to the PDF, so try moving it to your main folder.  If a friend only sent you the receipt - please ask them to check again.  The PDF attachment is the actual ticket they should be sending you.  They can also transfer you the ticket if they log in to their account and follow the prompts.

Q: I bought tickets off of a different website then  Are they affiliated with you?
A: The ONLY spot you can get real tickets for our venue is at, or our sister site   Other sites may try imitating our name to trick you - please be careful.  Unfortunately, if you bought your tickets off of a different site we will be unable to help you for any issues that may occur with those tickets (and they are likely overcharging you!).  If a site is offering tickets in US FUNDS - DO NOT BUY FROM THEM!  We are a Canadian venue and only sell tickets on our own website.

Q: Are you affiliated with
A: Yes. is where we sell tickets for events that occur at venues other then the Centennial Concert Hall.   We help other organizations in Manitoba who need ticketing services and those transactions are done on  Your account works on all of our websites.

Q: Can I use my Ticketmaster info to buy?
A: Our venue is not affiliated with Ticketmaster and tickets for our events are not available for sale from Ticketmaster.  Sometimes, an event may be listed on Ticketmaster with a link to our site, but the sale still occurs on our website and not with a Ticketmaster account.

Q: What will it say on my credit card when I buy?
A: Your credit card will list our official name - the Manitoba Centennial Centre Corporation. It may also list Centennial Concert Hall or as further information.  We are a crown corporation of the provincial government.